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YouTube Marketing – That Was Easy!

Youtube is a home for both the inspired and the strange, a place where viral videos plant their seeds; and of course, the global archive of first steps, big fails, and cat videos. But that’s not all. Youtube is also a highly effective place to market your business, and it’s easy! You just need the tools.

As a digital marketing agency in Knoxville focused in video production, we work with both small and large clients on creative content and we’ve learned that businesses sometimes devalue how Youtube could help them. So, we’re here to tell you that it can help you and definitely should be part of your 2018 marketing plan.

First, how big is Youtube, really? (2018 Youtube specs)

  • Over 1 Billion users (one-third of internet population)
  • More than half of total Youtube views come from mobile
  • More 18-49 year olds reached on mobile alone than any cable TV network
  • One billion hours watched daily

Youtube is a massive database that entertains a diverse and vast audience. If done well, your business will see a huge increase in Google search rankings, social engagement with customers, leads, and brand exposure overall through Youtube. But how?


Local Youtube Marketing Examples:

Mike’s Golf Shop (Chattanooga, Tn):

Time spent: 40 seconds; Views: 700,000

So, you’re telling me that if I’m looking for golf clubs, this is the wrong place?

  • Mike is a character. His brand is who he is, which is one of the most important tools of Youtube. We can show our brand, our company culture, or be informational. In this case, Mike did all three.
  • The viral nature of Youtube has sprouted out of the social media integration abilities of it, making it easy to target a specific audience, especially if you are already using other social platforms (ie. boosted posts on Facebook).
  • Youtube is owned by Google so your Google Search ranking is affected by the title and keywords in the description of the video, as well. Mike’s Golf, for example, is the first organic results on Google in his area.

Let’s take a look at another example, even closer to home for us.


Crawl Space Ninja (Knoxville, Tn):

Time Spent: estimated. 1 – 2 hours; Views: 1,000+ (Some videos have over 100K views)

Crawlspace Ninja does some really great stuff on Youtube as well. As you can tell, it’s more information based than Mike’s. Goals are the same, but the path is different.

  • Both wanted to grow sales by way of brand awareness. They stuck to their own brands and used social media.
  • In this case, Crawl Space Ninja brands themselves on Youtube as a “self-help” channel with videos that will build them a returning customer base that trusts them.
  • They can continue building loyalty while finding more customers along the way by using Youtube pre-roll and SEO tactics.


These two guys are just a couple examples of how you can grow your business through Youtube. Block out a day and create some engaging content. Youtube is a huge marketing gold mine and you need to be getting your share!

Give us a call if you need help and check out our most recent work!

Big Slate Media Team

Make it Personal! (Tips for Building a Personal Brand)

From the movie ‘The Godfather’, (1972).

“It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.”

-Michael Corleone (The Godfather, 1972)

Tip #1: Don’t be Lame

The soon-to-be head of the Corleone family knew how to drive a strong message across. Think of creative initiative as a cannoli, and lame content as a gun (stay with me here) – Leave the gun, take the cannoli. In today’s digital world when you’re trying to build a brand, it’s the exact opposite: you want it to be personal. Personal is fun. It’s engaging. It’s not some cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill dry content that gets passed around social media channels without any flavor to it. Sometimes it’s refreshing for your audience to be reminded that your company is composed of interesting human beings with jobs, just like them. Just because you’re a business or an organization doesn’t mean you have to be as boring as watching paint dry. It’s not personal, it’s business…but make it personal. 

Heck, sometimes we’ll post a picture of everyone out at lunch together. Don’t be afraid to mix things up. When you have good chemistry with your team, it’s a fun environment. Share that. People dig that stuff.


Building a Personal Brand - Share it!

Oh, Nama – your sashimi is my soymate.

Creative content is what drives a successful business – and we often find ourselves having fun with projects – like flying World’s Fair Beer over Knoxville.



“What the Internet’s value is that you have access to information but you also have access to every lunatic that’s out there that wants to throw up a blog.”

-George A. Romero

Make that work in your favor! Crank out blogs about cool tips and tricks you’ve learned in your industry. Write listicles about anything – they’re fun, brief, and perfect for the “TL;DR” (too long, didn’t read) reader. Client spotlights and testimonials are great. How about a blog post in which you reflect on where you were a year ago and what you’ve learned since then?

Building a Personal Brand - Blog, Blog, Blog!

Good ideas, a strong cup of coffee and a blank word document… The ingredients for sweet, bloggy goodness.

Other ideas include:

  • Infographics and Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Checklists
  • Blog series

Tip #3: Get Engaged (with Social Media) and Establish Your Voice

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are prime platforms for establishing your organization’s ‘voice’ – that is, the tone you take with the content you put out there. You can be silly while still maintaining a professional tone. Find groups who are in your field or match your target audience.

Consistency is key, here – if you slack off, you lose followers and public interest. Be diligent in maintaining your marketing drumbeat.


Tip #4: Pay Attention to the Big Fish

This one might seem like a given, but it’s always a smart idea to pay attention to the big fish that are making waves. Keep an eye on the type of quality content they share, their engagement with readers, and so on. Look to the pros – they got to where they are because they’re consistent, creative and driven. And most importantly – their content doesn’t suck!

Building a Personal Brand Takes Time!

This is a process that will take a lot of time and effort, but it sets you apart from the competition by leagues. By creating and sharing personal content that people actually want to engage with, you’re building a personal brand that resonates authority and credibility – and making an offer your audience can’t refuse. At Big Slate Media, we do it all – photography, video production, blogging, social media management and more. If you’re ready to get your name out there and have fun doing it, give us a call at (865) 291-0005 or contact us online!

Big Slate Media Team

Dark Social: What Stats are Lurking in the Shadows?

Have you ever heard of ‘dark social‘? It sounds ominous, perhaps even malicious. But don’t worry – it’s not some evil machination of the internet conspiring against you or your business. Dark social, as first explained by Alexis Madrigal (a senior editor at The Atlantic), is the harder-to-measure data that shows how content is shared online.


Content Gets Around – But Can it All be Tracked?

Think of it this way – you find a cool article about Elon Musk calling for a moon base – whoa! That’s so cool! Gotta share that with the friends. You click the ‘share’ button and post it to Facebook. For (or any website), a Facebook share is easy to track. But then you remember you’ve got a friend who’s crazy about space travel – but they don’t have a Facebook. So you email them the link. When checks the analytics for their article, they’ll see a certain percentage attributed to social media shares. Then there’s this other category – an even larger percentage than social media – it’s vague, and it’s typically labeled ‘Direct.’ The email you just sent falls into that category. Same thing goes for instant messages, text messages, and native mobile apps like Facebook. Enter the world of dark social – web traffic without a known source/referrer.


According to Techopedia,

The prevalence of sharing through dark social suggests that social media marketing that fails to focus on the type and quality of content may be overlooking a huge portion of social sharing.


Content shared via dark social channels is pretty much one big lump of data as far as web analytics goes. Working with the web analytics firm Chartbeat, Alexis jumped in to get a breakdowofor The Atlantic’s sources of traffic. This is what they found:

Dark Social Stats

Image Source:

That’s HUGE! You might never have heard of dark social, but it’s super important to be aware of. Those stats are just for The Atlantic, too. For mobile sharing in general, it’s been reported that dark social is responsible for 84{2869b4d23c008b413905409cba06ef793120d76f1e6c5c92f0f4cb5a7ec0d5a3} of outbound sharing. The numbers are too big to ignore.

For a very in-depth exploration of dark social, check out RadiumOne’s white paper on “The Dark Side of Mobile Sharing.”


My Head is Spinning – Can I Track Dark Social?

So, can you accurately track this stuff? Well, not easily. It’s not a matter of poor analytics or anything – it’s just that referral data doesn’t always hop along for the ride when a link gets shared. Take email, for instance – your privacy rights dictate that referral data doesn’t come along. With secure browsing (HTTPS), referrer data doesn’t get transmitted if you shift to an HTTP site. Still, there are ways to customize your analytics to track parts of it for more accurate measurements.


So, What’s the Takeaway from All of This?

It really boils down to this – with great content brings comes great traffic. Sometimes you can’t always accurately gauge how your visitors got to your site, but you can control the quality of the content you’re putting out there. Good content is interesting. Great content is engaging, informative and fun – and that’s exactly what we do at Big Slate Media. If you’re ready to rock your next social media campaign, we would love to be a part of it. Give us a call at (865) 291-0005 or contact us online and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Big Slate Media Team

Facebook Advertising and Targeting the Right Audience

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms out there – with roughly a billion people using it, it’s one heck of a great way to get your voice out there. The problem is that you might not want to advertise to everyone, right? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow filter that audience down to a more specific group? With Facebook’s ad targeting, you can very clearly define your audience and target only them with your advertisements.

According to Facebook Business…

One of the biggest advantages to advertising on Facebook is your ability to target specific groups of highly engaged people. In fact, compared to the average online reach of 38{2869b4d23c008b413905409cba06ef793120d76f1e6c5c92f0f4cb5a7ec0d5a3} for narrowly targeted campaigns, Facebook is 89{2869b4d23c008b413905409cba06ef793120d76f1e6c5c92f0f4cb5a7ec0d5a3} accurate.1

Try using more targeting options to:
  • Find the right customers across devices, including desktop, mobile and tablets
  • Deliver relevant messages to specific people
  • Get the most value from your ad spend by reaching only the people that matter to you

So, What Are My Targeting Options?

  • Location – Location targeting allows you to get to your audience based on where they are. You can target cities, countries, zip codes, etc. You can add a radius to your target (ex. 25+ miles from the center of Knoxville) and choose to exclude certain locations.
  • Demographics – This option allows you to target people based on the information they’ve provided in their profile, such as age, gender, education, occupation, etc.
  • Interests – This targeting option will define an audience based on their interests, hobbies, and things they have liked on Facebook and the content they’ve posted to their Timeline.
    • Facebook has recently announced that you’ll soon be able to target an audience based on the websites they visit and the apps they use.
  • Behaviors – Behavior targeting draws information from what people do while they’re on Facebook (purchases, travel preferences) and offline (via third-party apps that are trusted by Facebook).
  • Advanced Targeting – This option lets you target ads to audiences using information that you already have (ex. a list of contacts, people who like your Facebook Page, etc.)

For a more thoroughly detailed description of the various targeting, please go to the Facebook Business page.

So we’re only talking about digital spend via Facebook. What about advertising through something like television? Bad idea. While you’ll still get some pretty good coverage, you can’t be specific with your targeting. It’s a blanket approach. Besides, digital spending will surpass television spending this year.

Facebook Advertising statistics

Image courtesy of

For the full story, check out’s article.

Is your business lacking a strong social media experience? Managing a social media campaign is our bread and butter, and we would love to bring your business to its full potential. We know how to bring the magic of a successful social media campaign to our clients, and you could be next! Give us a call at (865) 291-0005 and let’s get something started!

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What’s Your Marketing Drumbeat?

Think about a drumbeat. In a band, it establishes a rhythm and keeps everyone on track. Up until the late 19th century, a battlefield drummer wasn’t just there to bolster morale – they were an important part of the communication system.  In the same sense, your marketing drumbeat keeps your business moving forward and lets the world know you’re there.

We’re talking about the basics of internet marketing. There’s a minimum level of action a business should engage in to maintain their marketing drumbeat. Let’s go through the essentials and how they’re beneficial (and necessary) for the growth of your business.

List Your Business

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you list your business with Google and Bing. If you want your business to show up in search results, this is an absolute must. It’s also incredibly beneficial for local businesses, as your business (and address) will appear in local search rankings.

If you would like assistance in getting your business verified, please let us know and we’ll get you started!


Social Media – Get Interactive!

Chances are, you probably use social media. In 2016, almost 70{2869b4d23c008b413905409cba06ef793120d76f1e6c5c92f0f4cb5a7ec0d5a3} of all Americans were using Facebook. Here are some other outlets you should look into, depending on your business:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

These will not only help build links (super important for SEO) – but you’ll also establish your company’s persona and voice. Consistency is key here – post regularly! Maintain your digital presence. You might even want to consider having someone in your company take ownership of your social media campaign. Someone of the same mind who is invested in your brand can work miracles for getting your name out there. For more information on social media marketing, check out this guide from Search Engine Land.

Email Marketing

Keeping a list of email addresses from your clients/customers is crucial for communication. If you’ve got something to promote, plan your email marketing strategy.

  • Thank You Letters
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Product / Event Promotion

You may also want to consider setting up a drip marketing campaign.

Things to keep in mind: (You want to convert a reader into a buyer.)

  1. Make sure your email list is built with permission marketing contacts.
  2. Always have a call to action.
  3. Write as if you’re writing a letter to one person. Be personable, not a robot.
  4. Make it fun. Throw in a quote or an interesting fact. Make the email offer up some kind of reward.
  5. Finally, make sure your email is worthwhile. If you don’t have something engaging and read-worthy, come up with a plan.

This list can go on and on. If you’re interested in sharpening your email marketing game, check out this great article from Copyblogger.

To Wrap Things Up…

Your marketing drumbeat should be loud and proud – and frequent! Once you’ve followed through with these items and practice them regularly, it’s not marketing. It’s protocol. If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty, focus on targeted keywords and up your SEO game. Dive into social media – engage in conversations, share posts/tweets and interact with people.

Consistency and relevancy is key to maintaining your brand exposure and presence. With these things in mind, get out there and make some noise!

If you own a business and want to increase your exposure, we’d love to have a chat. Give us a call today at (865) 291-0005!


Big Slate Media Team

Facebook’s Video Algorithm Change – What You Need to Know

Facebook’s video algorithm change will again be affecting the news feed and how videos will appear to users. Specifically, this update is going to focus on ranking and “percent completion.”

What does that mean, exactly? Essentially, longer videos will now have a higher chance to appear in news feeds, depending on a couple of factors. It’s not so much the case for shorter videos, but we’re told the change will be slight.

Facebook's Video Algorithm Change

The social media giant is at it again. Facebook’s video algorithm change will affect longer-length videos.

How to Make Facebook’s Video Algorithm Change Work for You

This is good news for the marketing world, because sometimes we need a longer video to say what we need to say. As the Facebook Newsroom post stated, “The best length for a video is whatever length is required to tell a compelling story that engages people, which is likely to vary depending on the story you’re telling.”

So, the gates are open for you to post longer videos, but they have to be engaging to the viewer. The length of the video itself won’t help, it still has to meet a certain amount of “watch time.” In other words, a percentage of the video must be watched in order to factor in to Facebook’s new algorithm. If people watch your longer videos and stay with them, their news feed is more likely to show other videos of similar length and material. This won’t just appear in the news feed, either, but in the ‘Suggested Videos’ section of the video currently being watched.

Let Big Slate Media Handle Your Video Marketing Needs

At Big Slate Media, video production and marketing is our bread and butter. Facebook’s video algorithm change only gives us another advantage to work with, and we’d like to use that to take your business to the next level. If you’re interested in making commercial, posting a video online or getting some sweet footage with our drone, give us a call at (865) 291-0005 and we’ll set something up!

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